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02 January, 2013


02 January, 2013 www.tips-fb.com
Assalamualaikum... Dear blog, Sorry for only come and visit you once in a while. It's not that I hate you but I rarely have the "mood" to write. How I wish my Mr. Lappy have the application in which I can only speak to it and the writing will come out automatically. But, my lappy is far behind current technology. It can only form words if I type the keyboard. So, that is my reason why I rarely write an entry in this blog. Even though today already January 2nd, but I guest it haven't to late for me to wish Happy New Year to you. I thankful to Allah for still keep me alive until this year. My azam for this year is more or like the same for each year. So, writing no more. I want to list out my azam for 2013. 1. Moving out from this house to a better place I hope 2. Finishing my driving class and get my "P" as soon as possible 3. At least lose 10kg for the whole year 4. Get a new car before raya 5. Start my preparation for raya earlier. At least five months before 6. Get rid of my previous habit. I meant my annoying habit 7. Searching for my Mr. Right. If until the end of this year I haven't had any, I would consider myself to adopt a baby girl 8. Work harder to generate more income p/s: writing in English for a first time in this blog. Oh My English!! tekan like taw

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